Klotz Digital Moves Deutsche Welle

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Klotz Digital Moves Deutsche Welle

Dec 5, 2001 12:00 PM

Munich, Germany - Dec 3, 2001 - Klotz Digital AG was recently awarded an additional contract from Deutsche Welle. In the spring of 2002, Germany''s International Broadcast Service will move from its present location in Cologne to its new premises in Bonn. Seven broadcast studios will be networked with Klotz Digital''s VADIS Platform technology including fourteen VADIS D.C.II consoles. Each broadcast studio, which includes producer and talent work stations, one central performance studio and one central rack room, will be equipped with an on-air console as well as a second mixing console.

Three years ago Klotz Digital began the installation of two first generation VADIS D.C.I consoles in the Deutsche Welle facility in Cologne. In order to maintain familiar operator interfaces and working practices at the new studios in Bonn, Klotz Digital has combined the control surface of VADIS D.C.I with the new technology of VADIS D.C.II , thereby expanding their product range. Deutsche Welle will bring the seven new studios into operation in stages completed by January 2003.