Leonard Kahn Passes

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Leonard Kahn Passes

Jul 2, 2012 9:47 AM

Ft Lauderdale, FL - Jul 2, 2012 - Radio magazine has received reports that Leonard Kahn, most recently known for his digital AM system called CAM-D, has died. He was 86. He is said to have died from natural causes on June 3, 2012.

Kahn had developed an AM stereo system with the Hazeltine Corporation, which competed with the Magnavox C-QUAM system for acceptance. After nearly a 20-year battle from 1975 until 1993, the FCC finally adopted C-QUAM as the standard.

Kahn's AM stereo design was later redesigned for mono operation and released as Kahn Power-Side modulation. The system decreased an AM station's signal in one sideband to reduce interference to and from other stations. This reportedly led to development of CAM-D.

Earlier in his career, Kahn worked for RCA Labs. While there, the Symetra-Peak, Volumax and Audimax were developed. Kahn was also an instructor and a Registered U.S. Patent Agent.

Kahn's wife Ruth preceded him in death. The couple had no children. His website, wrathofkahn.org, is no longer functioning.

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