Logitek Increases I/O Capacity of JetStream Mini

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Logitek Increases I/O Capacity of JetStream Mini

Mar 7, 2011 3:34 PM

Houston - Mar 7, 2011 - Logitek's JetStream Mini console engine/IP networking platform offers an increased I/O density with the ability to handle up to 128 channels within a single AoIP node. Logitek says this is the highest channel density available.

The JetStream Mini is a user-configurable audio node that handles all console functions as well as IP audio networking. Audio mixing, routing and processing are all accomplished in a single fanless, convection-cooled 2RU enclosure. Users can mix and match analog and digital I/O cards to create the ideal combination of sources and destinations including mics, CD players, studio monitors and more. Incorporating Logitek's JetNet network conduit, the JetStream permits direct network transfer of audio from hard disk playout systems and other Logitek JetNet partners without the use of sound cards.

The new I/O capacity of the JetStream Mini is accomplished via a new digital I/O card containing eight stereo AES channels (16 mono channels). With eight slots for I/O cards in the JetStream Mini, up to 128 channels may be accommodated.