MMTC Endorses Proposals in Letter to FCC

Multicultural Media, Telecom, and Internet Council proposals promote civil rights advancements
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WASHINGTON � In a letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler, the Multicultural Media, Telecom, and Internet Council outlined five of the 24 minority ownership proposals at issue in Prometheus Radio Project v. FCC case, they believe, are ideally suited for approval now. The MMTC endorsement is all based off of the premise that the Commission should pursue advancements in civil rights.

The letter says the MMTC, in a series of meetings, met with three commissioners and their staff, the Chief of the Media Bureau and its staff, members of the staff of the Office of General Counsel and Director of the Office of Communications Business Opportunities.

Again, there are 24 minority ownership proposals at issue in �Prometheus III� case, the MMTC believes five of these proposals are suitable for immediate approval. Those five endorsed proposals are outlined as followed:

�������Proposal 5: Examine How to Promote Minority Ownership as an Integral Part of All FCC General Media Rulemaking Proceedings.�This proposal seeks that the Commission include a female and minority impact statement on all major rulemaking and transactions.

�������Proposal 10: Extend the Cable Procurement Rule to Broadcasting.�The proposal seeks to extend the Multichannel Video Programming Distributor procurement rule to broadcasters or to all Commission regulatees. MMTC believes this proposal would force broadcasters to recruit from a wider pool of �qualified entrepreneurs from sources such as employee referrals, community groups, contractors, associations, and other sources likely to be representative of minority and female interests.�

�������Proposal 33: Mathematical Touchstones: Tipping Points for the Non-Viability of Independently Owned Radio Stations in a Consolidating Market and Quantifying Source Diversity.�A proposal submitted in 2002 consisting of a formula for calculate diversity in a market.

�������Proposal 37: Engage Economists to Develop a Model for Market-Based Tradable Diversity Credits as an Alternative to Voice Tests.�A proposal that seeks to transition the FCC�s voice test regulations to a system based on market-based, tradable �Diversity Credits.�

�������Proposal 40: Create a New Civil Rights Branch of the Enforcement Bureau.�The proposal seeks to expand the FCC�s Enforcement Bureau to cover the �Commission�s four civil rights regulations: procurement (in cable and satellites), advertising (in broadcasting), EEO (in cable, satellites and common carriers) and transactions (in broadcasting) each do their part to create the business climate that facilitates minority ownership opportunity.�

The MMTC letter to Chairman Wheeler can be seen here.


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