Musicam USA TEAM Goes to Greece

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Musicam USA TEAM Goes to Greece

Oct 4, 2001 12:00 PM

Holmdel, NJ - Oct 1, 2001 - DG Systems' StarGuide Digital Networks division announced the delivery of 68 TEAMs, the company's T1/E1 Audio Multiplexing systems built by the Musicam USA division, to OTE, the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization in Greece. The TEAM systems will be used to update, modernize and enhance OTE's high quality audio capabilities throughout the Greek mainland and surrounding islands.

The TEAM systems were specially configured to meet OTE's specific requirements. TEAM mainframes can be configured to send or receive as many as 12 audio program channels via E1 or T1. OTE''s systems were all shipped with E1 Multiplexer Modules for direct connection to E1 2.048MB data streams. TEAM mainframes were supplied with a variety of Encoder Modules and Decoder Modules. Each Module can encode or decode audio in a wide variety of algorithms, including MPEG Layer 2, MPEG Layer 3, J.41, J.57 and G.722. Some TEAM systems will operate from AC power, but the majority of systems will be run from batteries for fail-safe operation.

Musicam USA, a division of DG Systems' StarGuide Digital Networks, is the d/b/a of Corporate Computer Systems, Inc., Holmdel, NJ USA.