Radio Currents Online - Aug 14- Aug 20, 2006

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Radio Currents Online - Aug 14- Aug 20, 2006

Aug 14, 2006 9:42 AM


NPR Labs Tests Part 15 Modulators
Washington - Aug 14, 2006 - With the recent attention given to Part 15 devices used for in-vehicle use with media players and satellite radio receivers, NPR Labs conducted a series of tests in July to evaluate the use of modulators that exceed the Part 15 RF emission limits. By monitoring three locations in the Washington, DC, area for RF levels on 88.1 and 87.9, NPR Labs gathered results that demonstrate the use of overpowered modulators.

While the concentration of these overpower devices is small--averaging about 0.5 percent--the use can be a source of interference for stations on or near the same frequency. NPR Labs has posted the results of its study at

Scovill Named AES Convention Keynote Speaker
San Francisco - Aug 11, 2006 - Robert Scovill, a concert sound and recording engineer will deliver the keynote address at the 121st AES Convention. Entitled Live Sound, The Heart And Soul of Professional Audio, Scovill''s keynote speech will address the ongoing technology evolution/revolution and other critical issues affecting live sound today.

Scovill has accrued more than 3,000 live-event mixing credits during the his 27-year career. He is a highly regarded technical consultant and product endorser for many leading manufacturers. He currently holds the position of market manager for live sound products for Digidesign. He is an accomplished producer in all facets of media production for events including large-scale concerts and services for houses of worship.

The 121st AES Convention will be held in San Francisco's Moscone Center Oct. 5 to Oct. 8, 2006.


Prophet Systems, HBE Join Forces
Ogallala, NE - Aug 17, 2006 - Prophet Systems Innovations has entered into a business relationship with Horizon Broadcast Electronics (HBE), a provider of audio broadcast solutions throughout India. HBE will now be a reseller for Prophet in India. Prophet has stations using its software in more than a dozen countries, and the agreement allows the company to expand its services in India, where it already has several stations using its products.

Wide Orbit Hits the 500 Milestone
San Francisco - Aug 14, 2006 - Wide Orbit's WO Traffic software has been installed in more than 500 TV stations, radio stations and cable networks. WO Traffic, a research, proposer, sales, traffic and billing system, includes features such as advertiser profiles, station blueprints, market blueprints, user-friendly revenue reports and accounting management tools.

"It took Wide Orbit 37 months to grow from one station to 100 stations, and just five months to grow from 400 stations to more than 500," said Eric Mathewson, founder of Wide Orbit. "We are especially pleased to see the strong positive response from radio broadcasters to the Wide Orbit software platform, and we look forward to radio being a significant driver of Wide Orbit's growth."

Aviom Forms Broadcast, Commercial Sales Group
West Chester, PA - Aug 10, 2006 - Aviom has formed a Broadcast and Commercial Sales Group. The new division will be led by Aviom''s Gary Lee and Mark Meding, who joined Aviom after serving as the company''s New York-area representative for P.E. Schmitt.

Lee has moved from his post as Aviom''s eastern regional sales manager to focus on broadcast and commercial sales while Meding, who has been active in the systems integration market for many years, brings his industry experience, technical expertise and many contacts to the new group.

Sales CallJampro is providing its JAHD Arrowhead Dipole broadcast panel antenna to Taiwan's National Educational Radio (NER) for installation at NER's Chi Shing Mountain station. Fox News Channel, New York, has added to its Lawo audio routing and mixing system with a Nova73 HD router, a Dallis frame and nine Vistool editor workstations. The system is used for the Fox News radio and TV networks. Broadcast Electronics has installed three of its transmission systems during the second phase of FM privatization in India. The three stations are Radio Mirchi 105-FM (Jaipur), Radio Mirchi 93.3-FM (Bangalore) and Radio Mirchi 95-FM (Hyderabad).

Jampro is supplying the Broadcasting Corporation of China (BCC) of Taiwan with a Jampro�JADP FM cavity-backed broadband antenna that will combine multiple frequencies for its station in Chia-Yi.

Metro Networks, a Westwood One company, is providing its Metro Source newswire service to more than 320 Cumulus radio stations in more than 60 markets nationwide.


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Duke to Manage NAB Broadcast Leadership Training Program
Washington, DC - Aug 14, 2006 - The NAB Education Foundation named Michelle Duke to be the director of diversity services. She will manage the Broadcast Leadership Training Program. Duke replaces Heather Birks, who is now the executive director of the Broadcast Education Association.

Duke joined the NABEF in January 2005. In her position, she has provided broadcasters with diversity strategies and resources to assist them with staffing, retention and business practices. Duke oversees Broad Reach, a diversity quarterly newsletter for broadcasters, The Connections Mentoring Initiative, as well as professional fellowship programs and career outreach initiatives.

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Davidson to Address Legislative Breakfast at NAB Radio
Washington - Aug 16, 2006 - Jim Davidson, an expert on advertising issues, will identify some major threats to broadcast revenues at the Washington Insider Legislative Breakfast during the NAB Radio Show in Dallas. The session will provide an insider's overview of attacks on specific radio advertising categories and which strategies broadcasters should use to thwart those attacks. Among the issues that will be examined are categories of products that are threatened, how advertisers could be penalized and how to answer critics who hold advertisers responsible for cultural problems.

As the founder of Davidson and Company of Polsinelli Shalton Welte Suelthaus, a public policy advisory firm, Davidson has helped companies and business associations define and achieve their goals in the legislative and regulatory arenas of the federal government. He has worked in a diverse range of public policy areas including advertising regulation and commercial speech, appropriations, taxation, health care, telecommunications and the Internet. Davidson also writes the Eye on Washington column on prescription drug advertising for DTC Perspectives Magazine, as well as a column on federal government issues for Electronic Retailer Magazine.

The Washington Insider Legislative Breakfast will be held on Sept. 22 at the Hilton Anatole Hotel.


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Polk Ships I-Sonic HD Radio Receiver
Baltimore, MD - Aug 17, 2006 - Polk Audio is now shipping its I-Sonic tabletop radio, which includes HD Radio reception and XM Satellite Radio capability. Polk began accepting pre-orders of the units last month and is now accepting general orders.

The unit retails for $599, which is about triple the cost of the other tabletop HD Radio receiver that is currently available, the Boston Acoustics Recepter HD.

More information about the I-Sonic receiver is available at this link.

Eye on IBOC

18 Markets Added to HD Radio Multicast Roll-out
Orlando, FL - Aug 15, 2006 - The HD Digital Radio Alliance has added 18 markets to its list of markets for the multicast roll-out. All the multicast markets are within the top 100 markets.

The 18 markets are Austin, TX (42); Raleigh, NC (43); Nashville (44); Greensboro, NC (45); New Orleans (46); West Palm Beach, FL (47); Jacksonville, FL (49); Monmouth Ocean (51); Buffalo, NY (52); Oklahoma City (53); Rochester, NY (54); Louisville, KY (55); Richmond, VA (56); Greenville, SC (59); Honolulu (61); Tucson, AZ (62); Albany, NY (63); and Ft. Myers, FL (65).

HD Radio Alliance Eyes HD Radio Converter
New York - Aug 17, 2006 - As part of its effort to make HD Radio more accessible, the HD Digital Radio Alliance is working to release an HD Radio converter that can be added to existing car stereos to receive HD Radio signals. The alliance hopes to release the converter boxes in November.

In an interview with Reuters, Pete Ferrara, president of the HD Digital Radio Alliance, said that he sees the converter as a way to bridge the gap between new cars with factory-installed HD Radio receivers and existing cars without HD Radio receivers. Ferrara added that the converters will be available through promotional offers that will almost give them away.

The converter idea has been used before when FM radio was the secondary band to AM and most cars only had AM radio receivers. The FM to AM converters provided a way for listeners to affordably add FM reception to their cars, even if it still delivered AM-quality audio.