Radio Currents Online - Oct 28 - Nov 10, 2002

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Radio Currents Online - Oct 28 - Nov 10, 2002

Nov 1, 2002 12:00 PM

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FCC Extends Comment Deadlines forOwnership Rules

Washington - Nov 5, 2002 - The FCC's Media Bureau and the MediaOwnership Working Group (MOWG) took three actions on Nov. 5, regardingthe ongoing biennial review proceeding examining media ownership rules.First, the Bureau issued an order extending the deadline for submittingcomments and reply comments. The new comment deadlines are Jan. 2,2003, for initial comments and Feb. 2, 2003, for reply comments.Second, the MOWG released additional information relating to the mediastudies that the Commission issued on Oct. 1, 2002. Third, the Bureauadopted a protective order establishing procedures to facilitate publicreview of the proprietary portions of that data.

Separately, the MOWG also made available additional informationpertaining to several of the 12 media studies released on Oct. 1, 2002.Interested parties may review and analyze these data sets in the publicreference room at the FCC�s headquarters (Room CY-A251, 445 12thStreet, SW, Washington, D.C.) consistent with the Protective Orderadopted by the Media Bureau. The procedures established in that ordertrack the manner in which public access was permitted to proprietaryinformation in other Commission proceedings. Outside parties also mayobtain licenses from any or all licensors of the underlying data toevaluate the results of the studies or to develop other studies thatwill contribute to the record in this proceeding.

Commissioner Michael J. Copps said that he was "disappointed andalarmed" by the Commission�s refusal to provide adequateopportunity for public participation in its potentially far-reachingreview of media concentration rules. From his released statement:

"We�ve asked the public to analyze six separate mediaconsolidation rules. We�ve asked them to sift through 12 studiesthat many groups claim are inadequate. We�ve asked them tosuggest what other areas of this issue need to be explored. Andwe�ve asked them to do all this in a media landscape that haschanged dramatically over the past decade. Yet we provide a mere 60days to do this. The last-minute addition of 30 days fails to even comeclose to solving the problem the FCC has created.

"At stake in this proceeding are our core values of localism,diversity, competition, and maintaining the multiplicity of voices andchoices that undergird our marketplace of ideas and that sustainAmerican democracy," Copps continued. "With such important values atstake, we ought to give parties the time to provide detailed data,granular evidence and studied analysis. I am disappointed in theextreme and alarmed at the prospect of forging ahead to dismantle thelimits and caps before we fully understand the effects of suchaction.

"We are under no mandate to resolve these issues by a date certain. Wemust place making the right decision ahead of making a hastydecision."

The issue is covered under MB Docket No. 02-277 and MM Docket Nos.01-235, 01-317, 00-244.

Radio magazine Receives Honorfrom Magazine Industry

New York - Oct 30, 2002 - Recognition by one's industry peers is thehighest possible honor. Every year, radio stations compete for honorsand awards such as the Marconi Radio Awards and the Crystal RadioAwards. These awards are chosen by the radio industry to recognize theoutstanding efforts of radio stations serving their customers.Similarly, publications have their own awards programs where magazinescan be evaluated and honored for their outstanding efforts in servingtheir audiences.

The May 2002 cover of Radio magazine.

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The Ozzie Awards is an awards program for magazines. This year,Radio magazine received the Gold Award in the Best Cover Designcategory* for its May 2002 cover. In their comments, the judges stated,"Well designed and very readable logo that has incorporated a specialicon of a related element. The photo relates well to the subject ofcommunication and the problems it can have. There is an effective touchadded by weaving the string through the logo. The colors are subtle buteffective and very readable. Well done."

The Ozzie Award judges are magazine publication professionals from manydifferent areas of professional publishing.

Now in its 16th year, the Ozzie awards are conducted by Folio:magazine. The awards recognize excellence in magazine design in 14categories covering the consumer, business-to-business, association andcustom segments of magazine publishing.

This is not the first award that Radio magazine has received.Radio has also received awards from the American Society ofBusiness Publication Editors for design layouts and editorialfeatures.

* - Business-to-Business with circulation of less than35,000.

Adelstein's FCC NominationOn Hold Again

Washington - Oct 31, 2002 - The FCC has been playing with less thana full team of commissioners. The nomination of Democrat JonathanAdelstein to the vacant post has been placed on hold by Republicansenators, preventing the decision from coming to a vote in the SenateJudiciary Committee. This effort is in retaliation for the Democratsblocking two Republicans from seats on the federal bench. According tothe Wall Street Journal Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott (R-MS)believes that Adelstein's nomination will not likely pass before the107th session of Congress ends.

The White House posted the nomination of Adelstein last February tocomplete the remainder of a five-year Commission term that expires June30, 2003.


APT and KTC Canada Strike aDeal

Belfast - Nov 6, 2002 - Canadian company KTC Technology has signed alicensing agreement with Audio Processing Technology (APT) enabling itto incorporate Soft apt-X, the software version of APT�s datacompression algorithm, into a number of new products.

KTC Technology markets custom software products that it has beendeveloping for use with Computer Concepts DCS/Maestro systems. Sinceits formation in 1994, KTC has expanded its line of software andcontinued to provide ancillary programs for use with Computer Conceptsdigital audio products. KTC markets its products under the umbrella and through a substantial network of distributorsworldwide. The company�s flagship product is a PC-based digitalaudio logging system called ReeLogger, which was introduced in1996.

KTC has been in discussion with APT to see if apt-X could beincorporated into forthcoming products. The discussions have nowculminated in the licensing agreement and KTC is now incorporating Softapt-X into Xtractor, KTC�s CD ripper software. It is also beingused in KTC's stand-alone audio player for DCS/Maestro calledXPlay.

Digigram Releases Drivers Under OpenSource Licensing

Montbonnot, France - Nov 5, 2002 � Digigram is makingavailable the source code for its popular VX line of professional soundcards under Open Source licensing. The Advanced Linux SoundArchitecture (ALSA) driver developers at SuSE Linux AG, Germany, aprovider of products and services based on the Linux operating system,will be managing the initial project to port Digigram's drivers toLinux.

The source code of the Mac OS X drivers and driver interfacedocumentation will first be made available through the ALSA Projectwebsite ( ALSA, the preferredprofessional audio driver standard for Linux, is incorporated into theLinux kernel and provides the foundation for several Linux-based audioapplications.

Releasing the source code of Digigram's VX card drivers under OpenSource licensing opens the door for Digigram to provide its audioproducts to a new community of users. Digigram stated that it made themove to meet the existing demand for Linux operation.

Delta RF Purchases SiliconValley Power Amplifier

Reno, NV - Aug 18, 2002 - Delta RF Technology has purchased SiliconValley Power Amplifier of San Jose, CA. SVPA is a manufacturer ofhigh-power RF amplifiers for broadband use, including Military HF, VHF,and UHF radio and data communications, as well as amplifiers for use incommercial FM radio. Delta RF Technology is a high-power amplifiercompany with many complementary products, including broadbandamplifiers for Military Communications, commercial FM radio andterrestrial broadcast television-analog and digital.

Operations have moved in their entirety to Delta RF's Reno, NVfacility, where all products will be manufactured. Roy Mollard, CEO ofSVPA, will support the Delta RF Technology operation.

Andrew Concludes Sale of EquipmentShelters Business

Orland Park, IL - Oct 31, 2002 - Andrew has sold the assets of itscommunications equipment shelter business to Oldcastle Precast, asubsidiary of CRH plc., an international buildings materialsmanufacturer. Oldcastle Precast specializes in the manufacture anddistribution of primary construction materials and value-added buildingproducts, including communications equipment shelters.

Under the terms of the agreement, Oldcastle Precast will operate theformer Andrew shelter manufacturing facilities in Newnan, GA, andBurlington, KS. Oldcastle will retain most of the Andrew shelteremployees, including the Andrew shelter management team. Specificfinancial details of the transaction were not released.

Groove Addicts Finishes NewStudios

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Los Angeles - Oct 31, 2002 - In a major expansion of its resources,Groove Addicts has moved to its new headquarters, a custom designedfacility on Los Angeles� West side featuring two recordingstudios, one with 5.1 surround sound capability, and two sound designsuites. The facility occupies nearly triple the floorspace of thecompany�s previous site and will serve as home to GrooveAddicts� original music and sound design operations, and to itsaffiliate, Who Did That Music?, licensing a catalog of 14 custom musiclibraries.

The move underscores the growth Groove Addicts has been recentlyexperiencing and its optimism for a surge in entertainment, advertisingand radio/TV image work in the months and years ahead.

The centerpiece of the new facility is Studio A, a live recording roomwith a floating floor and supplemented by a series of isolation booths.The room is large enough to accommodate a small orchestra. The adjacentcontrol room is 5.1 capable, set up for live recording or audio postproduction work.

APT and Open Solution ExtendRelationship

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South Korea - Oct 23, 2002 - One year after announcing amulti-million dollar licensing deal with South Korean firm OpenSolution, Audio Processing Technology (APT) of Belfast, Ireland, hasextended its relationship with the company by signing an additionalexclusive licensing agreement for its enhanced 16, 20 and 24 bitalgorithms for wireless semiconductor applications.

The official signing between Noel McKenna, managing director of APT andDr. Jongwook Kim, CEO of Open Solutions, took place in SouthKorea.

Seoul-based Open Solution is a semiconductor company specializing in2.4GHz wireless audio technology for the consumer electronics market.The end solution takes the form of a custom designed applicationspecific standard (ASSP) product named DWM3000 (also known as S5G3000),which enables wireless audio in consumer devices such as wirelessheadphones for personal audio players, loudspeakers and DVD players. Itwill also feature in other multimedia applications within the vastconsumer market. Samsung is manufacturing the chip and leading theworldwide sales and marketing strategy. It is anticipated that the chipwill eventually be sold to the world�s leading consumercompanies, many of which have already expressed interest in thetechnology.

Open Solution recently received the first production run of the DWM3000implementation. The first-generation chip currently incorporates APT'sStandard apt-X algorithm.

RF Power Exchange Adds Econco andComet

Coral Springs, FL - Oct 30, 2002 - RF Power Exchange, an RF andmicrowave component distributor, has signed distribution agreementswith two established broadcast manufacturers. The company nowdistributes products for Econco, a manufacturer of new and rebuiltpower vacuum tubes for broadcast, industrial and military use, andComet Technik AG, a manufacturer of fixed and variable vacuumcapacitors since 1965.

Computer Concepts and Scott PlanOperational Consolidation

Dallas and Lenexa, KS - Oct 28, 2002 - To clarify an item thatappeared in the Radio Currents last week, Computer Concepts ismoving the Lenexa, KS, offices of Computer Concepts to the Dallasfacilities of Scott Studios. Scott Studios and Computer Concepts willcontinue to offer products and support of the Computer Concepts productline.

The consolidation of the Computer Concepts and Scott Studios operationswill provide a stronger presence for the company's customers.

Scott Studios and Computer Concepts merged two years ago but maintainedtheir existing facilities. Until the the move is complete, thetelephone numbers for products, service, support and software updateswill stay the same: 800-255-6350 or 913-541-0900. When the move iscompleted in May 2003, the new Computer Concepts address will be thesame as the Scott Studios address: 13375 Stemmons Freeway; Dallas, TX75234.


Ibiquity's Struble and SalemiElected to CEA Posts

Columbia, MD - Nov 6, 2002 - Two executives from Ibiquity Digitalhave been elected to board positions within the Consumer ElectronicsAssociation (CEA). Robert Struble, president of Ibiquity, has beenelected to the CEA's board of directors through 2005, and David Salemi,Ibiquity's vice president of marketing, has been elected to the CEA'smobile electronics board. The two were elected during the CEA's annualfall conference, held in San Francisco in October.

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Memorial: John Klecker of Dielectric

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Nov 4, 2002 - Dielectric regrets to announce that John Kleckerpassed away on October 19, 2002, in Phoenix following the SBE NationalMeeting and Phoenix Regional Convention. Klecker joined the sales staffof Dielectric in 1997. Most recently he served as regional salesmanager for the central territory following his relocation from thewestern region last year. Klecker was a familiar face in the broadcastindustry, having spent more than 25 years in sales positions in the topbroadcast companies in the United States, including Andrew andHarris.

A "Celebration of Life" memorial service will be held on Nov. 23, 2002,at 3:00 p.m. at Jonah's Seafood House, 2601 N. Main St., East Peoria,IL. Donations in Klecker's memory can be made to the American HeartAssociation:

American Heart Association
Attn: Memorials (John L. Klecker)
4414 Woodland Park Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98103

AKG Names Torlone as MarketDevelopment Manager

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Nashville - Oct 20, 2002 - AKG Acoustics, U.S. has appointed MikeTorlone to the position of market development manager, studio. Torlonehas worked on all sides of the professional and consumer audioindustries, including sales, marketing and product management, and hehas owned a retail store.

Torlone comes to AKG from Starin Marketing, a manufacturer'srepresentative firm covering several Midwest states, where he served asa regional manager. Prior to working at Starin Marketing, Torlone spent13 years with Electro-Voice and EV/Telex as market development managerand regional sales manager. For 10 years, Torlone owned Wheeling Sound,a high-end consumer audio store in Wheeling, WV.

Torlone holds a BA degree in journalism and speech from MarshallUniversity, and has been a musician since 1964. He will be overseeingthe broadcast and recording markets within AKG's U.S. business and willbe responsible for new product development and the segment's marketdevelopment.

Moussavian Promoted toDielectric VP

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Raymond, ME - Oct 28, 2002 - Dielectric Communications has appointedMansour Moussavian to the position of vice president, HF/MF productmanagement. Moussavian will be directing the short-wave and medium-wavebroadcast and communications business to enable the company to continueto effectively address the needs of the international and domesticmarkets.

Mansour has been directly involved in the design and manufacturing ofthese products for more than 10 years. Dielectric created the positionto take advantage of his expertise in this area.

Moussavian joined Dielectric in 2000 when Dielectric acquired TCI. Heserved in a number of engineering, operations and management positionssince first joining TCI in 1982. Moussavian holds a master�sdegree in construction engineering and management from StanfordUniversity and bachelor of science degrees in civil engineering andeconomics from the University of London. He is a registeredProfessional Engineer in the state of California and is a member of TheAssociation of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers(AFCCE).

Moussavian will continue working from the Dielectric/TCI offices inCalifornia.

AEQ Strengthens International Sales

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Madrid, Spain - Oct 28, 2002 - Lars Beyer has joined AEQ as Europeansales manager with responsibilities for project-oriented salesworldwide.

An electronic engineer, Beyer previously worked for NTP and TelecastGroup, first in the technical service department and later on asinternational sales manager.

The appointment of Beyer coincides with the launch of AEQ�s rangeof digital broadcast audio products including the Impact Digital AudioMatrix, Course Multi-Audiocodec system and integration systems as theSystel-6000 for multiconferencing and talk shows.

Internet Watch

Arbitron AcquiresLicense and Assets from Measurecast

New York - Nov 7, 2002 - Arbitron has acquired a license to thestreaming audio audience measurement system and related assets fromMeasurecast, a Portland, OR, company founded in 1999 to developstreaming audience measurement services for Internet broadcasters,advertisers and media buyers.

The transaction gives Arbitron a license to market and use theMeasurecast streaming audio audience measurement system as well asrelated technology used to produce streaming audience measurementservices. Arbitron is also purchasing the Measurecast trademark andother assets necessary to produce and maintain a streaming audiencemeasurement service. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Measurecast will continue to develop technologies and services with itsstrategic partners, under a new and as of yet unannounced name.Measurecast partners, including Nielsen Media Research, Netratings andTrans Cosmos International (TCI), retain certain rights to theMeasurecast services and technology.

Arbitron will begin immediately incorporating the Measurecasttechnology in its Webcast ratings service, and will publish weekly andmonthly Webcast audience estimates under the name "Arbitron'sMeasurecast Ratings."

Omnia Audio LaunchesRedesigned Website

Cleveland - Oct 25, 2002 - Omnia Audio, a Telos Systems company, hasunveiled its redesigned website The site features an improvedlayout for easier navigation. Visitors can download manuals, remotecontrol software and technology papers.


Component Symbols Now Availablefrom Stardraw

London - Nov 1, 2002 - As part of its monthly update, Stardraw hasreleased a symbol update to all current subscribers. Stardraw has madeavailable the component elements used to create its product symbols inthe Block Schematic, Rack Layout and Pictorial Schematic environmentsof Stardraw Audio, Stardraw AV and Stardraw Radio.

The update includes more than 500 symbols of buttons, switches, knobs,connectors, logos and meters. Users can now create symbols on their ownwith the same tools used by Stardraw. They have been created to meetall of the criteria currently used in the production of Stardrawlibraries and conform to layer and drawing specifications. The Stardrawlibrary already contains more than 35,000 images. Despite this, usersmay encounter a need for a symbol that has not yet been added.

This tool is intended to complement the company's Symbols-by-Requestservice, which prioritizes the creation of new symbols according tousers demand. This service is now offered online, but the process ofgethering data and creating the symbol can take some time. Thecomponent elements allow users to do it themselves.

Mackie's HDR Pro Ties HDR24/96 toPro Tools

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Woodinville, WA - Oct 28, 2002 - Mackie Designs has released HDRPro, a hardware and software upgrade package for the Mackie HDR24/96(HDR) that provides file compatibility with Mac-based Digidesign ProTools digital audio workstation running versions 3.x through 5.x. TheHDR Pro package includes a copy of HDR Pro software, as well as anoutboard Mackie Media M90 drive bay that can be connected to anyMac-based Pro Tools workstation via an on-board Firewireinterface.

The new HDR Pro software exports all audio files in a given HDR Projectas Sound Designer II (.sd2) files and also creates a Pro Tools EDL(edit decision list) file based on edits made using the HDR's graphicaluser interface. This newly created Pro Tools session can be exporteddirectly to a Mackie Media M90 (inserted in the HDR) and transferred toa Pro Tools system via the outboard Firewire drive bay (included withthe HDR Pro) that accommodates the removable M90 drive. HDR Pro alsoallows a Pro Tools session (Macintosh-based versions 3.x through 5.x)to be imported into an HDR Project, using the same transfer method.