RadioDNS Gains Traction in Europe

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RadioDNS Gains Traction in Europe

Sep 10, 2012 2:04 PM, By Doug Irwin, CPBE DRB

London - Sep 10, 2012 - James Cridland (who writes an interesting blog) posted an article on MediaUK regarding RadioDNS. The BBC has enabled its national radio stations with RadioVIS, or slideshow presentations that are synchronized to the artists that they are playing. In doing so, they joined other U.K. broadcasters such as Heart, Capital, Absolute Radio, Planet Rock, Xfm, and LBC 97.3.

RadioDNS is a service that allows an enabled radio to follow a radio station that is broadcasting via multiple media types - over-the-air FM or DAB, and of course streaming via the Internet. Cridland writes: "As car dashboards become more complex and better connected with the Internet, RadioDNS offers some real benefits: not least, service-following between FM, DAB and IP. As an LBC 97.3 listener, I'm quite excited about this - as I drive away from London, my RadioDNS-enabled car radio can seamlessly flick between FM and the Internet when the FM signal fails: then off to DAB in parts of the country too. And it does all this without me having to press a single button: drastically reducing driver distraction while keeping people listening to their favorite station."

The EBU shared its space at the recent IBC convention with RadioDNS developers. Attendees were given demonstrations of the varios RadioDNS services, such as RadioVIS (slideshows) RadioTAG (allows listeners to bookmark progam elements) and RadioEPG (electronic program guide). More details are available at the EBU website.

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