Royer Labs Launches Mic Seminar Program

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Royer Labs Launches Mic Seminar Program

Jun 10, 2009 11:28 AM

Burbank, CA - Jun 10, 2009 - Ribbon mic manufacturer Royer Labs has launched an ongoing series of microphone seminars designed to provide aspiring audio engineers with a view of the microphone, including its historical significance, the types of microphones that exist, applications and a factory tour. The seminar is geared toward college-level students.

The Royer Labs microphone seminar is a half-day program. Topics include a historical perspective of microphone development from the earliest days through to today, as well as a look at how various microphones work within analog and digital systems and how ribbon microphones, in particular, fit into these environments. Students also learn how the engineering and product development process works-from design focus group concept through solid works engineering, prototyping, and the creation of production samples and finished goods. Further, the seminar involves a critical listening session.

As part of the factory tour, attendees engage in a question and answer session with Royer's design and engineering team, including David Royer, chief engineer of Royer Labs microphones.

Royer Labs offers monthly seminars to interested universities, colleges, and other learning institutions from April through August annually. Contact Royer Labs for details.

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