Sales call for the week of Apr 30 - May 6

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Sales call for the week of Apr 30 - May 6

Apr 30, 2009 10:01 AM

Shadoe Stevens is using the Aphex Model 230 master voice channel and the Model 424 Headpod headphone distribution amplifier in his own studio.

Held at the Los Angeles Staples Center for the sixth consecutive year, the 51st Annual Grammy Awards show once again turned to Aphex remote controlled microphone preamplifiers. This year, in addition to the stacks of Model 1788A preamps that have been used at many other Grammy shows, the team responsible for the ceremony's audio broadcast also chose the new Aphex Model 188 remote preamplifiers, and handled the transport of audio signals with the Aphex Anaconda 64-channel digital snake.

Every note and word that was broadcast, sent through the house PA and recorded, went through 20 Aphex Model 1788A and an additional seven Model 188 remote-controlled preamplifiers. Led by audio technical director Michael Abbott, the audio engineering team included Peter Gray, a co-owner and engineer of PEG Audio Associates, who was in charge of the installation and operation for the recording and broadcast music audio.

On the Path Productions, the parent company of Life Love and Health (LLH) and Body Language, has rolled out a series of broadcast programs on terrestrial, satellite and Internet platforms. It recently presented a live show from the 29th Annual Medical Communications Conference, using a Comrex Access portable IP codec to connect with the technical operations center in Florida for the one-hour program.

With the recent upgrade to its analog and digital systems, Georgia Public Radio has standardized the Aphex Model 2020 MkIII as its broadcast processor. The station installed 32 Aphex Model 2020 MkIII broadcast processors -- 16 for its analog processing, and 16 for its new HD Radio systems.

Chinamerica Hit Radio has signed a deal with Radiolicious to stream the Chinamerica 24-hour music programming to Iphone and Ipod Touch users.

Arbitron has signed a new three-year agreement with Clear Channel Communications for diary-based radio ratings services and other related agreements.