Sales Call for the Week of Dec 9- Dec 15, 2010

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Sales Call for the Week of Dec 9- Dec 15, 2010

Dec 9, 2010 8:00 AM, All

Clear Channel Radio has signed multi-year, multi-market contracts for Arbitron's Portable People Meter (PPM) and diary radio ratings services. These agreements extend Clear Channel's access to Arbitron radio ratings and other services in all of Clear Channel Radio's markets through Dec. 31, 2016. Clear Channel is Arbitron's largest radio ratings subscriber and represented approximately 19 percent of Arbitron's revenue in 2009.

Continental Electronics Corporation has been awarded a subcontract from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory to design, manufacture, test and integrate a prototype transmitter subsystem for its Deep Space Network (DSN). The new microwave transmitter will be four times as powerful as the existing DSN transmitters. It is intended for use with the DSN's 34-meter antennas at tracking stations in Spain, Australia, and California as part of a NASA plan to phase out older 70-meter antennas at those sites. The new high reliability transmitter will reduce operating costs by enabling the smaller dish antennas to communicate over the distances that previously would have required the much larger antennas.

Radio Romania has selected Netia's Radio-Assist 8 digital audio software suite for its regional station Radio Iasi to support the end-to-end production and delivery of one FM channel, one AM channel and live streaming versions of both channels. The station is installing a total of 44 Radio-Assist-equipped workstations across production, audio editing and its live studios. The software is set to allow Radio Iasi to manage its over-the-air broadcasts, as well as its multiplatform distribution of multimedia elements including sound, video, images and text.

KXTO in Odessa, TX, purchased an Omnia Audio Omnia.ONE four-band FM processor.

CBC Radio, Canada's national broadcaster, has chosen 2wcom's RDS products for implementing the newly designed RDS network, including monitoring. For RDS distribution, CBC Radio-Canada will use the C02 RDS encoder. For quality control of the FM/RDS distribution, CBC Radio-Canada will use the A20 FM-RDS measuring and monitoring decoder.

WDAC-FM was one of the first commercial FM stations in Pennsylvania's Lancaster Valley when it commenced broadcasting on Dec. 13, 1959. Now, WDAC starts its sixth decade with Axia IP consoles and routing equipment including two Element 2.0 consoles in 16- and 12-position frame sizes, two Axia PowerStation integrated console engines, plus assorted Audio Nodes for analog and AES I/O. The equipment will be used in a rebuild of WDAC's main air studio and production room; the sale was made by Broadcasters General Store of Ocala, FL.

Sales Call for the Week of Dec 2- Dec 8, 2010

Joy FM is using the BW Broadcast RBRX1 and Feba Radio is using the TX600, Logitek has made JetStream sales across the country, and three stations have joined the Liquid Compass Mobile Division....