Sales call for the week of Feb 26 - Mar 4, 2009

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Sales call for the week of Feb 26 - Mar 4, 2009

Feb 26, 2009 9:36 AM

Desbell Technology Co., located in Beijing, will supply and support Broadcast Electronics-authorized AM and FM transmission systems, including top quality solid-state FM and AM transmitters across a range of power levels and applications. The company will also support and represent BE's Audio Vault and TRE digital automation studio systems.

WSUM-FM, broadcasting from the University of Wisconsin's Madison campus, has chosen an Axia IP-Audio routing network. The equipment, sold through Broadcasters General Store, includes two 28-position Axia Element consoles, a 16-position Element and a 4-position Element, plus six Analog Line Nodes, six AES/EBU Line Nodes, two Router Selector Nodes, PathfinderPRO Router Control Software iProbe Network Management Software. The order also included 20 copies of Axia Iplay, a Windows-based software application that gives network listening capabilities and audio routing functions to PC users.

Christopher Springmann, creator of "Life Love and Health", a radio and new media program carried on Sirius XM, CNN, Fox, ESPN, Bloomberg, Wal-Mart Radio,, Voice of America, and American Forces Network) has chosen Neumann U 87 mics, Grace m101 preamps and an 8' by 10' recording room, featuring three 6' producer's windows facing out toward an L-shaped configuration of multi-tiered Ikea tables. Three Neumann BCM 104 mics and a Rane MH4 headphone console fill the guest positions. The studio connects to the outside world via a Telos Xstream for ISDN and a Radio Systems DI-2000 two-line digital telephone hybrid.