Sales Call for the Week of Sep 13 - Sep 19, 2012

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Sales Call for the Week of Sep 13 - Sep 19, 2012

Sep 13, 2012 8:00 AM

Salem Communications has selected WideOrbit WO Traffic sales, traffic and billing system for its 98 radio stations that span 38 U.S. markets. Also, Radio One has selected WideOrbit WO Automation for Radio to automate 23 of its radio stations that span seven U.S. markets.

Jelli has signed deals with Mapleton Communications and Opus Media Partners to deploy the Jelli Platform at more than 50 stations.

Gulf News Broadcasting (GNB) in the Middle East recently launched Arabic and Hindi FM radio stations with Harris Flexiva transmitters.

TuneIn has signed deals with 20 broadcasting companies to provide streaming services. The companies include Public Radio International (PRI), C-SPAN Radio, ABC Australia, Hearst Corporation, mvyradio, WFMU, WSM, KDHX,KXT, Wu-Tang Radio (WU World Radio), Israel Sports Radio, Peak 38, My Cool Inventions Radio, and Caribbean Vibes Radio.

Audioarts Engineering posted sales to the University of Wisconsin (Madison) for an R-55E console and prewire, and FEMA (Washington, DC) for an IP-12 networkable control surface.

The new Danish research test center for large wind turbines, located in �sterild Denmark, is signaled with Obelux LED high-intensity aviation obstruction lights. The test center comprises seven wind turbines up to 250 meters in height and two 250-meter-high light masts. These two light masts are equipped with Obelux LED high-intensity lights.

Saga Communications has selected WideOrbit Automation for Radio to automate 12 of its radio stations that span four U. S. markets.

Wheatstone consoles and routers have been purchased or installed at several stations.
� New England School of Communications (Bangor, ME) ordered a 12-fader E-1 console.
� WPEH-AM/FM (Louisville, GA) ordered a VP-8 Plus digital audio processor.
� University of Louisiana's (Lafayette) KRVS-FM purchased an ET-2001 Ethernet transport card with Windows driver for an existing TDM Bridge system.
� Astral Radio (Montreal, Canada) purchased several AoIP audio drivers for an existing WheatNet-IP system through Marketing Marc Vallee.
� University of Arizona (Tucson) purchased two E-6 control surfaces with meter bridge, three E-1 control surfaces and WheatNet-IP system with seventeen Blade access units, a SideBoard control surface, and AoIP drivers through BSW.

Sales Call for the Week of Sep 6 - Sep 12, 2012

Wheatstone posts console and router sales, Entercom taps WudeOrbit WO Traffic, Wheststone Processing is installed at several stations, Radio One enhances RDS with Quu, VDL supplies DAB transmitters to the ARD consortium and monitoring products to BTL Hong Kong....