SAPRR Chooses Audemat's Goldeneagle

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SAPRR Chooses Audemat's Goldeneagle

Apr 8, 2002 12:00 PM

Mar 27, 2002 - Audemat has announced the success of its recent tender for the implementation of the total monitoring solution chosen by the SAPRR (Societe des autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rh�ne). The Goldeneagle multi FM receiver for remote off-air monitoring, and its Web server software Manager prove to be the choice for assuring the continuity and quality of transmission over a network, 24 hours a day.

This news comes only weeks after TDF's decision to implement the Goldeneagle monitoring solution with the renewal of its monitoring network of 300 units. For the SAPRR, a first batch of 85 units Goldeneagle will be installed this year.

Audemat's Manager centralizes all information coming from and going to the remotely situated Goldeneagle units. It identifies all incidents occurring on the transmission sites, tracks this information and relays it via e-mail or SMS to the relevant technican or network administrator.

Autoroute info 107.7MHz, SAPRR's traffic information service, is the largest and most extensive radio network in Europe. Monitoring the quality and continuity of the transmitted information requires reliable and flexible tools. SAPRR values the ergonomy of the Manager enabling many users to access the software via simple browser (Internet Explorer) to visualize alarms and to take corrective or preventative action quickly and efficiently.

The Audemat Goldeneagle multi-receiver unit guarantees uninterrupted monitoring of as many as 40 programs with its three tuners. Its mode for analyzing and controlling RDS applications and specific traffic information slots (e.g EON/TA, TMC), proved a high priority for the SAPRR.

Formed in 1961, the SAPRR is one of the largest french motorway companys, responsible for the construction and exploitation of 1850km of motorway situated in the center and east of France. Its primary objective is providing first class service for their clients, maintaining easy circulation, security and comfort over their motorway network. For this reason, they created Autoroute info (107.7MHz), with the aim of providing continuous traffic information to all motorway users. This service is currently available over more than 2,000 kilometers of motorway.