Sony Floats new DAB+ Tabletops

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Sony Floats new DAB+ Tabletops

Apr 20, 2011 11:00 AM, By Mark Krieger

The world of DAB+ radio is about to feel a little more familiar, as uber-brand Sony releases two new tabletop sets, the company's first.

The retro-looking XDR-S16DBP is both DAB and DAB+ capable, featuring a genuine wood case, and round knobs with a single chrome grill that covers stereo speakers. More contemporary functionality includes 20 station presets, scan tune and a wake up timer. Don't lose the wall-wart power supply, since battery operation doesn't appear to be an option.

For those looking for something a tad more modern, there's the XDR-C706DBP clock radio in basic black wedge package that delivers your favorite morning show in glorious mono.

Sony gives MSRP price points of $128 for the S16DBP and about $96 for the C670DBP.

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