Symetrix Ships Airtools Multiband Processor 2m

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Symetrix Ships Airtools Multiband Processor 2m

Jan 5, 2010 10:01 AM

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Seattle, WA - Jan 5, 2010 - Symetrix is now shipping the Airtools Multiband Processor 2m. The configurable floating-point DSP modules include programmable filters, phase rotator, de-esser, downward expander, broadband automatic gain control (AGC), eight-band parametric equalizer, four-way programmable crossover, four-band multiband compressor and limiter, stereo image enhancer, acoustic environment simulator, clipper, and alignment delay, among others. Inputs and outputs consist of dual-balanced analog lines or AES3 digital lines configurable for stereo, mono, MS encode, or MS decode operating modes. Word clock input, Ethernet, RS-485, and user-configurable audio input failover complete the back-panel array.

The processor can be programmed using a wizard-driven Windows application, which is free to download and test drive from the Multiband Processor 2m product page. Up to 50 user-defined and factory presets can be recalled from the front panel, a network computer, or an optional hardware controller. In addition, preset loading can be synchronized automatically via an onboard event scheduler, allowing an engineer to tailor the signal processing to program material and/or the character of the host's voice.

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