TGI Shareholders Accept TC Group Purchase Terms

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TGI Shareholders Accept TC Group Purchase Terms

Jan 25, 2002 12:00 PM

Risskov, Denmark - Jan 24, 2002 - A purchase offer made recently by TC Group, the Danish parent company of TC Electronic, TC Works, and TC-Helicon, to the shareholders of TGI plc to purchase their holdings in the company, has been accepted

TGI plc is a holding-company comprising four companies representing individual platforms on the speaker market: speaker manufacturer Tannoy, high-end PA speaker maker Martin Audio, power supply and high end amp producer Lab Gruppen, and GLL, which produces speakers for the auto industry.

TC Group represents three brands within the audio processing industry: TC Electronic, manufacturer of a wide range of digital processors, TC-Helicon, producing digital vocal processors, and TC Works developing top-end award-winning software solutions. Furthermore, TC Group is also responsible for worldwide marketing and distribution of Dynaudio Acoustics high-end and ultra high-end monitor solution.