Two Die in Fall from Indiana Tower

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Two Die in Fall from Indiana Tower

Apr 18, 2011 12:35 PM

Colburn, IN - Apr 13, 2011 - Two men died on April 13, 2011, after falling 340 feet from WXXB radio's tower in north-central Indiana.

Ernesto Garcia, 29, Laredo, TX, and Paul Aliff, 32, Mesquite, TX, were contracted along with a crew of five by Electronics Research Inc. to help add a segment to the tower, which will reach 500 feet when completed.

The two men were wearing safety cables, but there was a malfunction with a parallel support device that was attached to the tower but not planted in the ground.

The tower segment as well as the machine being used to install it also fell, but no other injuries were reported.

WAXX Tower Falls

For now, WAXX is transmitting programming on 92.9, its sister station WECL-FM....