U.K. Broadcasters Support OFCOM's Proposal to Add DAB+

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U.K. Broadcasters Support OFCOM's Proposal to Add DAB+

Jun 18, 2014 9:43 AM, By Doug Irwin, CPBE DRB AMD

London - June 16, 2014 � OFCOM recently solicited consultations from broadcast companies in the U.K. regarding the introduction of DAB+ (as opposed to DAB) in the Digital Radio Technical Code. The results are now in, and generally positive, according to RadioToday.

"Digital Radio UK strongly supports the proposal to include DAB+ in the technical code and as an option for the second national commercial multiplex."

"Bauer is in favor of DAB+ becoming a permitted standard in the UK."

"World DMB believes that DAB+ is the future of digital radio and so welcomes the proposal to allow the introduction of DAB+ in the UK."

The Voice of the Listener & Viewer is "broadly supportive of the proposals."

The BBC supports the proposal of including the DAB+ standard as an option for broadcasters but is unclear why Ofcom has proposed to limit (to 30 percent) the total multiplex capacity that could be occupied by DAB+. "We would argue that, where a sound business and public interest case is made by an applicant for the second national commercial radio multiplex license, there should be no limit on the capacity allocated to DAB+ services."

Arqiva, owner of the only national commercial DAB multiplex, wants clarification on the 30 percent limit for DAB+ services � whether it's in addition to the current 30 percent permitted use for data services, or instead of it.