V-Soft Releases Probe 4 and FMCommander Database Updates

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V-Soft Releases Probe 4 and FMCommander Database Updates

Aug 22, 2012 2:34 PM

Cedar Falls, IA - Aug 22, 2012 - V-Soft Communications has released a new geographic census database update for Probe 4, the TV and FM communications coverage and interference mapping program, and FM Commander, the FM allocations analysis and mapping program.

The new data set includes:
� 2010 County Lines
� 2010 State Boundaries
� 2010 City/Place Boundaries
� 2010 Urban Area Boundaries
� 2010 Consolidated City Boundaries
� 2010 MSA (Metropolitan and Metropolitan Statistical Area) Boundaries

All data sets can be searched (by feature name) and individual polygons can be pulled from the data. Each feature has associated state data, making it easy to select the desired item, if there are multiple instances with the same name.

For city, county, and state data, both high-resolution and cartographic data is included. The high-resolution data set has the highest possible resolution data and it is the most accurate for population counting and plotting. The new cartographic data is a lower resolution, however (although it is still very detailed) it is significantly faster.

V-Soft has also developed a new 2010-based Zip Code boundary data set. This data shows the updated Zip Code boundaries for all U.S. postal Zip Code areas.