Weekly Tech Reminders: EAS and FCC Updates

An excerpt from this week’s Monday Morning Coffee and Technical Notes
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The following is from the�Alabama Broadcasters Association�s�weekly e-newsletter, Monday Morning Coffee and Technical Notes. Thanks to ABA�s Larry Wilkins. To subscribe to the newsletter, email�lwilkins@al-ba.com.


When reviewing your station log from last week, be aware that the IPAWS Required Weekly Test on Nov. 13. ran at 1400 instead of 1100 for the central time zone. This was due to a computer problem at FEMA.

Also the Alabama Emergency Management Agency issued a EAS test on Nov. 19 at 0311 with the wrong code. It was sent as a Civil Emergency Message, instead of a Required Weekly Test.

You may have noticed several GSS Satellite tests received during the last couple of weeks. This was due to technical work being performed at downlink sites around the state.


FCC Chairman Ajit Pai promised to streamline many media regulations when he was appointed by President Trump in January and last Thursday the commission took another big swing at doing just that.

The FCC voted to authorize broadcasters to begin on a voluntary basis over-the-air transmission of next-generation television based on the ATSC 3.0 standard.

The commission also voted to �modernize� media ownership rules by doing away with two cross-ownership rules: the bans on newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership and radio/TV cross-ownership. (Radio subcaps, another target of those who favor broadcast deregulation, were not part of this meeting.)

It was also announced that seven broadcasters across 10 stations in Phoenix will launch what they describe as a "model market" to demonstrate the viability of the next-gen ATSC 3.0 ecosystem while at the same time continuing to serve over-the-air viewers with legacy ATSC 1.0 digital television.