Weekly Tech Reminders: Hawaii Alert, TV Repack, Public File and More

An excerpt from this week’s Monday Morning Coffee and Technical Notes
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The following is from the�Alabama Broadcasters Association�sweekly e-newsletter, Monday Morning Coffee and Technical Notes. Thanks to ABA�s Larry Wilkins. To subscribe to the newsletter, email�lwilkins@al-ba.com.


It appears that an operator in the operations center of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency issued a false missile alert on Jan. 13. It was distributed via EAS (Radio, TV and cable), WEA (cell phones) and internet/social media. The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) has confirmed that there was no ballistic missile and that there were no computer hacks to the HI-EMA system. The cause of the false alarm was human error.

As bad as this situation was to the public, the EAS system, technically was not at fault. When humans are involved there is always a potential of an error. We should continue to support and maintain a fully operational EAS system. I am sure that after the details of the situation are reviewed more stringent training of operators will be put into place, which should include� double or triple checking of the alert/test configuration before pushing the "transmit button."


Latest reports in major trade publications indicate that the industry is not sure if the "incentive auction" and the resultant television repack accomplished what it was supposed to. The only major wireless carrier that is using the spectrum that was auctioned off is T-Mobile.

A recent Radio World article indicated that the other major carriers, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are not involved. A fifth carrier, U.S. Cellular, may build out a system in the 600 MHz band.


As a quick reminder, all radio stations are required to transition their paper public files to the FCC hosted web site by March 1. We encourage stations to go ahead and get their files uploaded. The good news is that the FCC has done most of the work for you! They created the site with folders for each document and have self-populated all the folders with files that the commission currently has in their database.

Visit the site at publicfiles.fcc.gov to view other station files and to then click on "for filers" tab to begin your process. Special note: stations must first go to the "Owner Dashboard" to receive a password which will be used to log on to your management site. Complete instruction are included on the for filers page.