WideOrbit Acquires OneDomain

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WideOrbit Acquires OneDomain

Sep 6, 2012 9:06 AM

San Francisco - Sep 5, 2012 - WideOrbit has acquired the OneDomain business, an Alabama-based software company that develops and markets media planning, research and business intelligence software to television and radio stations as well as ad agencies. The acquisition adds to WideOrbit's product offering in advertising sales, CRM and proposal systems.

OneDomain was incorporated October 2001 and has provided television and radio broadcasters with software that allows sales professionals to analyze ratings and intelligently target their approaches to selling time slots to advertisers. Since its first major product release in November 2003, OneDomain has installed more than 600 television and radio stations with MediaOffice, its core advertising sales and proposal system.

About 50 percent of OneDomain's clients use WideOrbit's WO Traffic platform to manage their traffic, sales and billing needs. WideOrbit plans to integrate the OneDomain products into its solution suite, taking the best attributes of each product.

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