Wireworks Celebrates 35 Years

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Wireworks Celebrates 35 Years

Mar 17, 2009 10:30 PM

Hillside, NJ - Mar 17, 2009 - Wireworks celebrates 35 years of manufacturing audio/video cabling products and custom panels. Beginning on Broadway and expanding over the past three decades into other markets including broadcast, Wireworks designs and manufactures cabling products that are commonly used in theatre, auditorium/arena, education, corporate, government and houses of worship.

Company founders, Gerald Krulewicz and Larry Williams first recognized the need for professional multi-channel audio products while working in lighting and sound on Broadway in the early 1970s. At that time, individual microphone cables were manually bundled together for multiple-microphone cable runs from the stage to front of house. Based on this first-hand experience, Krulewicz and Williams founded Wireworks in 1974 and introduced the first full line of commercially available multi-channel audio cables. Throughout the 1970s Wireworks continued to create new products, including large-scale multi-pin disconnects, colored microphone cables and a line of audio and video cable assemblies. In addition, the company established the a method of audio cabling that became a Broadway standard that is specified on new shows.

Wireworks tells more of its story:

Throughout the 1980s Wireworks expanded its product lines to include the world's first manufactured combined audio/video multi-cables for broadcast use. The company also introduced its do-it-yourself configuration tool for Wireworks universally adaptable, modular multichannel system, the Microphone Multicable Components Group (MMCG). The Crystal Cathedral, Walt Disney's Epcot Center, the Reagan/Gorbachev Geneva Summit, Liberty Weekend, the Pan American Games, the Indy 500, the Calgary Winter Olympics and the still running Phantom of the Opera on Broadway are just a few projects that relied upon Wireworks during this decade. The company's audio/video multipin system, AV2000, can accommodate audio, video, data and control signals in a single hybrid connector. During the '90s, Wireworks received both LDI and Eddy Awards for its cabling products, many of which were incorporated into distinctive installations at the White House, Euro Disney, the Normandy Beach reenactment, The Tonight Show and many others. Along with the new millennium came an entire new line of products from Wireworks: Wirelux, a flexible line of premium audio cables including Musilux, Instalux, Studilux, Ultralux and Speakerlux. The Salt Lake Olympics, the X Games, Metropolitan Opera and XM Radio's studio headquarters in Washington, DC, were all enhanced by products from Wireworks. To date, Wireworks has been involved in thousands of installations worldwide.

Wireworks Releases RoHS-compliant Cabling Systems

Wireworks' entire line of products is manufactured in compliance with the European Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive and the California Electronic Waste Recycling Act. ...