WorldCast Systems Adopts ISO 14062 Standard

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WorldCast Systems Adopts ISO 14062 Standard

Oct 3, 2011 9:42 AM

Bordeaux-M�rignac - Oct 3, 2011 - WorldCast Systems, which encompasses Audemat, Ecreso and APT, has increased its attention to eco-design by implementing the ISO 14062 standard. Having been engaged in environmental activity for more than six years, WorldCast Systems has already taken steps to achieve ISO 14062 compliance.

The company's products typically utilize high levels of electrical power and operate continuously as they are used for non-stop radio and TV broadcasting. So, at first, they would appear to be extremely unfriendly for the environment. However, WorldCast Systems has chosen to minimize the effect of these products on the environment by using eco-design to reduce energy consumption. New technical procedures and requirements for company engineers and the design process itself have been made by the companies within the group. Water cooling for transmitters, products that integrate the functionality of several units into one and the reduction of product weight and volume are just some examples of the actions that have been taken to date.

The latest project is the development of a new range of FM transmitters with an efficiency rating of 74 percent. WorldCast Systems says this essentially recoups the product cost via the potential savings on electrical bills over a 10 year period.

WorldCast Systems is also working with other companies to create a group for the exchange of good practice.

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