123rd AES Schedules Audio Tutorials

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123rd AES Schedules Audio Tutorials

Sep 19, 2007 4:24 PM

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New York - Sep 19, 2007 - As part of its events schedule, the Audio Engineering Society has planned a series of tutorials. Selected tutorial topics follow.

  • Audio on the Personal Computer; Elliot Omiya, Microsoft
    Will cover the mechanisms of audio streaming and offer an explanation of various PC audio formats.
  • Tinnitus - Just Another Buzz Word? Dr. Neil Cherian
    Will delve into the causes of Tinnitus, a common, yet poorly understood disorder where phantom sounds are perceived in the absence of an external source.
  • What Is The Matrix? Geoff Martin, Bang and Olufsen
    Will present an introduction to the use of matrixing in microphone and mixing techniques for stereo and multi-channel.
  • Architectural Acoustics 1 and 2; Tony Hoover, Acoustical Society of America
    Will address architectural acoustics consulting, the art of applying the science of sound in a timely, practical, and easily-understood manner.
  • Audio Ear Training, an Essential Resource; Dave Moulton, audio engineer
    Will present the origins, concepts, principles and practice of Audio Ear Training. This mediated study sequence enables listeners to effectively recognize and describe the audio spectrum, relative amplitudes, time intervals and signal processing effects without external objective measurement.
  • Preparing Your Mixes for Mastering; Adam Ayan, Gateway Mastering
    Will cover all facets of preparing mixes for mastering, from technical and organizational aspects to final creative and musical mix decisions.
  • Forensic Audio, Video and Voice Identification in the Digital Age; Tom Owen, moderator
    Will discuss and provide examples of the tools of the trade and the realistic expectations of analysis (The CSI Effect).
  • High Definition Perception; Dr. Poppy Crum, John Hopkins University School of Medicine
    Will address psychophysical and physiological research of hearing beyond the known limits of audible frequency and dynamic range.

The 123rd AES Convention will be held in New Yorka at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, Oct. 5-8, 2007.