133rd AES Convention Announces Slate of Tutorials

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133rd AES Convention Announces Slate of Tutorials

Sep 12, 2012 1:28 PM

San Francisco - Sep 12, 2012 - The 133rd AES Convention has set its slate of tutorial presentations for the convention, which will be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Oct. 26-29, 2012. A partial list of the tutorials follows.

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Small Room Acoustics
Peter Mapp and Ben Kok, acoustic consultants
The two will discuss basic small room acoustics. Issues related to absorption, reflection, diffraction, diffusion and how to use it, along with details on low frequency treatment. Recording and control room specifics and differences will be identified, including considerations for loudspeaker and microphone placement.

Large Room Acoustics
Diemer de Vries, Delft University of Technology Netherlands (ret), and AES past president
Traditional and modern methods for describing the acoustical properties of large rooms will be discussed. Theoretical models, measurement techniques, and the link between objective data and human perception will be covered. What issues need be addressed for a superior assessment? Reverberation time, the impulse response? Or is there even more to take into account?

Sound System Intelligibility
Peter Mapp, Ben Kok
This comprehensive assessment of speech intelligibility and measurement will encompass how room acoustics can affect intelligibility, and measures that can optimize sound system intelligibility. Practical real world problems and solutions will be discussed in depth.

Social Media for Engineers and Producers
Bobby Owsinski, producer and best-selling author
Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube are important for developing a fan base or client list, but without the proper strategy they can prove time consuming and ineffective. Engineers, producers, and musicians will find invaluable techniques for efficiently utilizing social media as a promotional tool. Topics include: Your mailing list - old tech, new importance; Social Media management strategies; Optimizing your YouTube presence; The secret behind successful tweets and ...What's next?

Mastering for Vinyl - Today's Challenges
Scott Hull, Masterdisk
What has to be considered when you mix/master your music for vinyl? This tutorial will dig deep into quality control issues and introduce sure ways to sound great on your first pressing. Topics include why contemporary CD mastering techniques do not produce the best sounding vinyl records; long sides; the relationship between volume, duration and quality; the turntable; quality control: mixing - mastering - pressing; and, the realities of the current vinyl market.

Binaural Auditory Models
Ville Pulkki, Aalto University, Helsinki
The principles of brain mechanisms of binaural hearing have been debated extensively. In the 1990s, common thinking was that human binaural decoding is based on delay lines and coincidence counters. Subsequent neurophysiological findings questioned the existence of such delay lines. This tutorial will introduce the basic principles of most common binaural auditory models, and review recent improvements in the models.

Noise on the Brain Part II - Higher Fidelity
Poppy Crum, Dolby
Did you know that drinking a glass of orange juice every day might protect your hearing? Most discussions of hearing damage focus on what happens to the cochlea and inner ear. While this understanding is crucial to avoiding trauma that can lead to hearing loss, acoustic and chemical stimuli can significantly affect higher brain areas. This session will explore new research into how this damage manifests throughout the auditory pathway as changes in hearing sensitivity, cognition, and the experience of tinnitus.

Getting the Sound Out of (and Into) Your Head - The Practical Acoustics of Headsets
Christopher J. Struck, CEO/chief scientist CJS Labs
Exploring the electroacoustics of headsets and other head-worn devices, this presentation will review issues ranging from Insertion Gain, to appropriate instrumentation, including ear and mouth simulators. Boom, close-talking, and noise-canceling microphone tests will be addressed, as will relevant standards, and USB, and Bluetooth wireless devices.

An Overview of Audio System Grounding and Interfacing
Bill Whitlock, president/chief engineer, Jensen Transformers
Equipment makers like to pretend the problems don't exist, but unbalanced interfaces are vulnerable to noise due to an intrinsic problem. Although balanced interfaces are theoretically noise-free, they're widely misunderstood by equipment designers, which can result in inadequate noise rejection in real-world systems. Unbalanced-to-balanced connections, RF interference and power line treatments will be discussed. Some "cures" are both illegal and deadly.

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