2002 NAB Crystal Radio Awards Finalists Announced

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2002 NAB Crystal Radio Awards Finalists Announced

Mar 1, 2002 12:00 PM

Washington, DC - Mar 1, 2002 - Fifty finalists for the NAB Crystal Radio Awards competition were announced by the National Association of Broadcasters. Since 1987, the NAB Crystal Radio Awards have recognized radio stations for their outstanding year-round community service efforts.

The 2002 finalists are:
KABC, Los Angeles, CAWGNS, Murfreesboro, TNKBRK, Brookings, SDWHIZ, Zanesville, OHKDBM, Dillon, MTWHUR, Washington, DCKDTH, Dubuque, IAWIBC, Indianapolis, INKFDI, Wichita, KSWIL, St. Louis, MOKFOR, Lincoln, NEWIVK, Knoxville, TNKGBI, Omaha, NEWIZM, La Crosse, WIKIRO, Seattle, WAWJBC, Bloomington, ILKLOS, Los Angeles, CAWJON, St. Cloud, MNKNCO, Grass Valley, CAWLQT, Dayton, OHKOIT, San Francisco, CAWMAL, Washington, DCKOZT, Fort Bragg, CAWMIL, Milwaukee, WIKPAM, Portland, ORWNND, Chicago, ILKPRS, Kansas City, MOWQCS, Fort Pierce, FLKSL,� Salt Lake City, UTWRBZ, Raleigh, NCKSTP, Minneapolis, MNWRTH, St. Louis, MOKTCZ, Minneapolis, MNWRVR, Memphis, TNKUDL, Kansas City, MOWSSM, St. Louis, MOKWJJ, Portland, ORWTCB, Columbia, SCKXXS, Austin, TXWTMX, Chicago, ILWAJR, Morgantown, WVWTOP, Washington, DCWDSN, DuBois, PAWUPE, Pittsfield, MAWEBN, Cincinnati, OHWVRV, St. Louis, MOWEZN, Milford, CTWWKI, Kokomo, INWGN,� Chicago, ILWWZZ, Washington, DC The finalists were selected by a panel of judges representing broadcasting, community service organizations and public relations firms. Finalists will be honored and 10 Crystal Award winners will be announced during the Radio Luncheon at NAB2002 Tuesday, April 9, in Las Vegas. The luncheon will also feature speaker Keith Reinhard, chairman, DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc., and the induction of Dick Orkin, president, The Radio Ranch, into NAB's Broadcasting Hall of Fame.