2010 NAB Show Wrap-up

2010 NAB Show Wrap-up

Jun 1, 2010 12:00 PM, By Chriss Scherer, editor

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It was a new year, a new show, a new location and a new attitude. The 2010 NAB Show had a refreshed feeling this year, and the upbeat attitude was obvious in the exhibit hall and sessions.

The exhibitors were optimistic. After an extended period of restricted capital budgets, many exhibitors said they were seeing signs of light showing through. Some exhibitors even reported on major projects that were in the works. While the economy has not seen a full recovery, there are signs that matters are returning to a more normal state.

In general, the overall attitude around the convention was positive. Exhibitors were pleased with the attendance, and many told me they were seeing enough of the right people to justify exhibiting. Likewise, attendees were also in good spirits, some telling me they were looking forward to the convention as it got underway.

It seemed like there were more radio engineers at the convention this year than compared to previous years. This is not a statistical fact, but an observation. I also noticed that many engineers shortened their Las Vegas visits by a day or two, leaving the convention on Wednesday or Thursday.

The biggest change for radio was the move of the radio exhibits to the front of the Central Hall. I found the new location easier to access when arriving by the Monorail or shuttle buses. This location was also closer to the South Hall session rooms, which I found to be more convenient.

There were also plenty of exhibitors outside the radio hall, and it's always a challenge to find the time and in some cases actually locate those booths. It's worth it to move beyond the confines of the radio hall if you can.

I looked at a few trends last month, and we highlight some in this issue with our convention review, but it seems the most visible technology highlight would have to be IP. Whether it's audio routing, signal transport, machine control or status signaling, it's hard to avoid contact with IP in some way. IP is in the field, the studios, the STL, the early stages of the transmitter, the remote control, and it's also part of the transmission scheme with Internet radio.

There was plenty more to see, and we have packed as much of it as we can in this issue. Between new product listings, the Technology Spotlight columns, the Radio magazine Photo Blog (now an annual tradition), and of course the original technology recognition, the Radio magazine Pick Hits, you should get a true taste of what was to be seen at the NAB Show. We'll have more products in coming issues and in the annual Product Source in August.

Overall, it was a good show. And while April 2011 seems like it's so far away, planning for the 2011 NAB Show will begin at the end of the summer.

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