2014 NAB Show Insights: Bill Croghan

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2014 NAB Show Insights: Bill Croghan

Apr 7, 2014 1:26 PM

We're interviewing some engineering professionals from Las Vegas. Here's what they're telling us.

Radio: What's your full title, company, and what stations are you responsible for?
Croghan: I am Chief Engineer For Lotus Broadcasting in Las Vegas, NV. We have eight radio stations and a full-time Internet station: KOMP, KXPT, KENO, KBAD, KWWN, KWID, KLAV, KRLV, and VANR.

Radio: What do you hope to accomplish at the NAB Show this year?
Croghan: I will primarily evaluate new equipment for coming purchases. Attendance and participation at industry groups is important. I will be participating as a member of the Broadcast Warning Working Group, Operational Co-Chairman for the Southern Nevada/Inyo California operational area and the SBE.

Radio: What are your unique challenges, given that you are local?
Croghan: It's sometimes difficult to get routine work done while finding time to attend the things I want to at the convention. If something goes wrong during one of the sessions I am attending, I often have to leave or resolve it by phone immediately. I have had to leave the convention to go back to the stations.

Radio: What trends do you see as most notable in the conversations, booths or conferences you see?
Croghan: Overall a tremendous push to put all audio on IP. Digital everything is great, but people are losing track of the basics.

Radio: Any booths or companies you particularly try to visit every year?
Croghan: I try to visit Orban, TFT, Davicom, Harris in the past, Nautel, FCC, FEMA, Telos Alliance, Wide Orbit, and any new exhibitors.

Radio: Anything else we need to know about your experiences right now as a radio technology manager, either at the show or in general?
Croghan: The show is young yet and I am seeing a definite lack of younger people in the RF areas. Lots of younger people who are very good with computers and IP, but lack basic RF and audio knowledge.