2014 NAB Show Insights: Bud Aiello

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2014 NAB Show Insights: Bud Aiello

Apr 14, 2014 1:26 PM

We're interviewing some engineering professionals from Las Vegas. Here's what they're telling us.

Radio: Were you surprised by the PREC award? What are your feelings about receiving that?
Aiello: I was actually called by Roger Karwoski a member of the Association of Public Radio Engineers Selection Committee about a week before the presentation to inform me I had been selected. Yes, I was very surprised. Actually, the award was shared this year by myself and Grey Haertig from Portland.

Radio: What did you hope to accomplish at NAB Show this year?
Aiello: I had a very busy agenda this year with 12 vendor meetings on Monday and Tuesday which only left really Wednesday and Thursday for surfing the floor. All goals were accomplished by finding suitable teleconference equipment and being able to recommend some replacement hardware for an ongoing project.

Radio: What trends did you sense as most notable, in the conversations, booths or conferences you saw?
Aiello: Trends, well IP was really hit home by most vendors in all show venues; it is here to stay and must be embraced. I have been watching the AES67, IEEE 1588 and Ravenna interoperability standards develop over several years. Currently we are waiting for a manufacturer to install the IEEE PTP in our clocking system in about 10 days so NPR can move ahead with our initial tests of Ravenna.

Radio: Any booths or companies you particularly try to visit every year?
Aiello: Yes, mixing console, codec, routing switcher, microphone, on air automation manufacturers plus I enjoy the RF side also and keep in touch there also.

Radio: Anything else we need to know about your experiences right now as a radio technology manager, either at the show or in general?
Aiello: As a technology manager and in my current position I live two and more years in the future. I am always looking and watching the technology develop and what benefits it may provide for NPR.

Radio: What''s your favorite part of the NAB Show?
Aiello: Besides seeing new and emerging trends (both hardware and software), it is having time to catch up with friends in the business. After 40+ years in broadcast engineering, one has a large number of friends and NAB seems to be the place to catch up.

Radio: Least favorite part?
Aiello: Walking, sore feet, aching back one will cover many miles at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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