2014 NAB Show Insights: Marshall Rice

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2014 NAB Show Insights: Marshall Rice

Apr 9, 2014 1:26 PM

We're interviewing some engineering professionals from Las Vegas. Here's what they're telling us.

Radio: What's your full company name, title and stations for which you are responsible?
Rice: Marshall Rice, engineering director, Hubbard Radio St. Louis

Radio: What is your primary mission at the NAB Show this year?
Rice: Keep abreast of the latest technologies, advance my skillset as a radio engineer, and maintain and build new vendor relationships.

Radio: What trends in audio, RF or online technology do you see as dominating discussion among radio tech professionals at the show?
Rice: IP is everywhere and will only get more integrated and widespread throughout the Broadcast Plant.

Radio: Have you seen any particular products that catch your eye and that others might want to check out?
Rice: Nautel GV Series. Nautel continues to lead the pack with its innovative GV Series. Full-featured, high-powered, solid state transmitter featuring a user interface, which includes a spectrum analyzer and full range of HD measurements.

Radio: Any particular presentations you heard that were notable?
Rice: HD Radio Configuration and its Impact on the Consumer Experience. Jeff Dettwieler from Ibiquity Digital Corporation emphasized the importance of configuring and maintaining specific services of the HD Radio system. It is now even more important to present a high quality experience to the end user to ensure continued growth.

Integrating Data Services for Enhanced Radio Broadcasting. Next Radio and HD Radio Informative presentation on implementing Next Radio and Tagstation. The presentation also underlined the importance of adding this platform even in its most basic form.

Radio: What booths or sessions do you make sure to visit every year?
Rice: I always visit The Telos Alliance, Wheatstone, Harris and visit old friends around the floor.

Radio: What's your favorite part of the NAB Show?
Rice: Seeing new products that advance the technology of radio and discussing their impact with colleagues.

Radio:Least favorite?
Rice: Foot pain from walking all over the convention.

Radio:Anything else we should know?
Rice: Attendance at the NAB is important to Broadcasters to help us keep up with or stay ahead of rapidly changing consumer demands. In order to stay relevant Broadcasters have to meet the expectations of the end user and the NAB Convention is a good way to get educated and share ideas.

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