2014 NAB Show Insights: Roswell Clark

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2014 NAB Show Insights: Roswell Clark

Apr 9, 2014 1:26 PM

We're interviewing some engineering professionals from Las Vegas. Here's what they're telling us.

Radio: What is your title, company name and scope of responsibilities?
Clark: Director of Technical Operations for Cox Media Group, Tampa/Orlando Radio. Tampa and Orlando each have six radio stations with consolidated studio facilities in each market. I am responsible for all technical operations in each market, including IT and digital. In addition to the local responsibilities, I represent CMG on industry activities for BTC, NRSC, NABRTC.

Radio: What do you hope to accomplish at NAB Show this year?
Clark: Meet with manufacturers to see their latest product developments and share our needs with them to hopefully help them develop solutions for us.

Radio:Any specific projects in the works?
Clark: We have several large projects going on in each market, including a new studio SIP/VOIP implementation to replace aging analog POTS systems of varying age. A new performance studio just broke ground, which will incorporate modern audio, video, and lighting equipment to support digital production and multimedia content. We are also replacing our studio playout system with the latest WideOrbit product across all CMG markets, along with Cisco VOIP phones for the business offices. Finally, we have a couple of new solid state transmitter installations pending to round out the year.

Radio:What trends do you see as most notable, in the conversations and conferences you see?
Clark: The trend for AOIP compatibility is important and since the AES67 standard has been released it will be interesting to see how the various vendors make that available. Monitoring and control continue to be more important, and methods to precisely time align HD are key. Also, the latest in solid state transmitter technology is showing some impressive gains in efficiency, size, and the ability to transmit more HD power from a single box.

Radio:Any booths or companies you particularly try to visit every year?
Clark: I always stop by Telos/Axia, GatesAir, Worldcast, Nautel, ERI, Dielectric, Burk, BGS ... the list is rather long.

Radio:What's your favorite part of the NAB Show?
Clark: I enjoy the luncheons and the BEC training sessions and try to fit as many in as possible. I also make sure to visit the NAB Futures area.

Radio:Least favorite?
Clark: I don't look forward to the amount of walking I tend to do between the massive halls in an attempt to capture as much of the experience as possible.

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