2Q2012 RAJAR: Digital Radio Listening in U.K. Continues to Increase

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2Q2012 RAJAR: Digital Radio Listening in U.K. Continues to Increase

Aug 3, 2012 11:12 AM, By Doug Irwin, CPBE DRB

London - Aug 3, 2012 - The latest figures for digital radio listening throughout the U.K. have been released by RAJAR and are available online.

Year over year, the amount of listening to over-the-air radio has decreased somewhat, from 91.7 percent to 89.4 percent of adults (15 and over). The sum total of listening attributed to strictly digital sources has increased from 26.9 percent to 31.5 percent during that same time period. Breaking down the digital listening, we see that about 63 percent of it is done via a DAB radio; another 15 percent is done via a digital TV; another 15 percent for on-line or apps; and finally about 6 percent that is "unspecified." DTV listening has actually decreased some; the other three categories increased year over year.

The U.K. government has said that its ultimate plan for the disposition of spectrum currently used by FM radio stations will be decided when 50 percent of radio listening in the U.K. is via over-the-air DAB. Since that figure is actually at 20.1 percent, it seems likely that the decision to switch-off FM won't be coming any time soon.

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