ABC News Honored with Five National Murrow Awards

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ABC News Honored with Five National Murrow Awards

Jun 11, 2014 1:57 PM

June 11, 2014 - ABC News was honored with five 2014 National Murrow Awards from the RTDNA - including both of the most prestigious Murrow awards - Overall Excellence in Television and Overall Excellence in Radio. It's been 10 years since one news division won both awards.

Overall Excellence � Television: The Staff of ABC News

Overall Excellence � Radio: The Staff of ABC News Radio

Breaking News � Radio

The Boston Manhunt

ABC News Radio

ABC News Radio was on the air within minutes of the explosions and for the next five days broadcast first-rate long form coverage, special reports, and comprehensive hour long specials packed with exclusive information, on-the-scene reporting, and emotional witness and victim accounts. On April 19, ABC News Radio was on the air for 12 hours straight, reporting on the day-long manhunt that effectively shut down one of America's largest cities. The final moments played out live for listeners as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was finally cornered in a Watertown backyard and taken into custody.

Continuing Coverage

Direct Hit: The Oklahoma Tornadoes

The Staff of ABC News

This massive tornado touched down in Oklahoma and roared all the way towards Moore, damaging everything in its path. It was an EF-5 twister, the most powerful and deadly tornado there is, leaving 24 people dead, nine of them children. ABC News positioned a team well in advance of the storm, and in the hours and weeks that followed, provided viewers with the whole picture of how the storm impacted this bedroom community.

Hard News - Raid in the Philippines

ABC News Nightline

Nightline went undercover in Subic Bay, once home to an American naval base in the Philippines, now a renowned haven for the sex tourism industry and underage trafficking. Alex Marquardt and Alex Waterfield put a face on this inhumane plague, spending time with an American bar owner, hidden cameras rolling, as he bragged about selling underage girls for sex with foreign tourists. The story built with a sense of urgency and anticipation, culminating with the late-night raid where the bar owner was handcuffed and arrested, charged with child abuse. With all the attention on Subic Bay after the raid and Nightline''s report, several of the sex bars were shut down and Nightline has been told that in the wake of their report there is now �a strong deterrent in place� against underage trafficking.