ABS, ASTI Form Strategic Alliance

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ABS, ASTI Form Strategic Alliance

Feb 24, 2009 12:00 PM

Seattle, WA - Feb 23, 2009 - Systems integrator Advanced Broadcast Solutions (ABS) entered into a strategic alliance with Antenna and Satellite Technology Inc. (ASTI), a provider of broadband satellite communications services in Seattle, WA.

In business since 1982, ASTI's services span engineering and consulting, system design, installation, maintenance, sales and service. ASTI's customer base includes broadcasters, such as Seattle-based Fisher Broadcasting, KIRO-AM and KING-FM radio, and Radio Disney; as well as corporations such as Microsoft, Boeing, and Real Networks.

For Microsoft, in Redmond, WA, ASTI recently built a 2,500-receiver system that is capable of looking at eight different satellite antennas simultaneously from offices on its corporate network-making it the largest, most complex installation of its kind in the world. ASTI also installed satellite antenna farms for low-power television stations for various remote Alaskan villages.

The two companies often found themselves contracted to work on the same projects, which spurred the partnership. The alliance allows the two companies to present as a single, unified source.

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