Accidental EAN Message Sent in Illinois

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Accidental EAN Message Sent in Illinois

Jun 27, 2007 8:55 AM

Chicago - Jun 26, 2007 - During morning drive on June 26, an accidental Emergency Activation Notification (EAN) was sent through the Emergency Alert System. An EAN message code is designed to be used as a means for the President to address the nation through all broadcast radio and TV stations. The accidental message was sent during a test.

According to reports, an emergency management office was testing the system, which was supposed to be off line. The test instead was inadvertantly distributed through the EAS network. Unfortunately, the system performed as it should have and relayed the false message through its channels. No explanation has yet been given as to why an active alert code was used instead of a test code.

The message was distributed through WGN-AM, and that station's audio signal was carried through to many station throughout Illinois and in the St. Louis area.