Ahead of the curve

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Ahead of the curve

Mar 1, 2003 12:00 PM, Chriss Scherer, editor

Throughout the course of any given week, and especially at conventions, I have the opportunity to talk with readers about the business of radio. Some of these readers are seasoned veterans with many years of experience, others are green newcomers just learning their way around. Their duties range from basic equipment maintenance to station management and higher. All of them have an interest in the technology of radio; the same technology that we cover in every issue and online.

Our conversations may cover a wide range of topics, but at some point, the specifics of today's state of radio technical operations usually comes to the forefront. This is where I have a chance to complete the communications cycle and use the information backhaul for feedback on the technology that we bring you every month. This helps me to stay in touch with what is important to readers like you.

It's obvious that this is a dynamic industry, and it is changing with the world around it. But even though the changes are many, the basic needs of those responsible for the technical operation of the facility remain the same. Everyone needs the right tools for the job. Our goal at Radio magazine is to provide you with some of those tools.

Many of the people with whom I speak feel that ongoing education is important, but there is just not enough time to fit it into a busy schedule. We all agree that staying on top of technology issues is paramount to a successful career. We fill that need in many ways by helping you to learn about new products to make your job easier and providing you with application ideas and solutions that you can use every day. We're in a dynamic business. Time is a critical part of our lives. You need current, accurate and timely information � and you need it fast.

A year ago we started making incremental improvements to make Radio magazine more useful with our layout redesign. In January, we relaunched our website at www.beradio.com. The old layout worked, but we knew that it could be better. We listened to you, crafted concepts into real applications and relaunched a more useful and useable site. But we didn't stop there. When you have a good thing going it's easy to sit back and rest. In doing so, you are bound to stumble. Well, we're not resting.

Our next step was to focus on what you have told us was the most useful to you. We cover the news and industry happenings online, where you can read it everyday, and we bring you information about products and applications in print every month. We have always focused on practical information in print, but thanks to your input, we are going to bring you more of what you have told us is important to you.

Look for more articles about technology applications and actual installations. We'll do this by bringing you more Field Report, Facility Showcase, Applied Technology, On Location and Trends in Technology articles. All of these will highlight the products and technology used in radio facilities like yours to give you the best ideas that you can apply today.

To further help you find what you want, we have enhanced the cover design to provide more detail about what's in each issue. You've told us that after you have read an issue of Radio magazine you keep it on the shelf and use it as a reference throughout the year. Now you will be able to find what you're looking for even faster. (Of course, you can also use the search function on our website to locate articles and information.)

To top it off, Harry Martin's FCC insight, John Battison's RF transmission expertise and Kevin McNamara's studio and IT mastery add to the wealth of information we bring you every month.

Through surveys, your letters and personal conversations, we're bringing you more of what you told us you like. We have always taken great care to bring you the real meat of any topic. We're still doing that, only now it's more concentrated than ever.

It's all part of our continuing effort to keep you informed, up-to-date and ahead of the curve.

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