All India Radio Inaugurates 1MW DRM Transmitter Site

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All India Radio Inaugurates 1MW DRM Transmitter Site

Sep 11, 2012 10:54 AM, By Doug Irwin, CPBE DRB

Mumbai, India - Sep 10, 2012 - Prasar Bharti launched a Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) super power transmitter for All India Radio (AIR) in Jamnagar district of Gujarat. The 1MW DRM transmitter is the first installed in the country.

The transmitter is a Thomson S7HP comprising three 400kW-capable amplifier blocks. It was installed this year by engineers from Thomson and their counterparts from AIR. It's capable of transmitting with AM, DRM or simulcast modes.

As per reports, the Jamnagar site is a relay station used by Urdu, Sindhi and Baluchi programs of AIR External Services beamed to nearby Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and some other Gulf countries in the northwest direction. The frequency is 1071kHz for AM mode and 1080kHz for DRM mode. During tests, Urdu Service and Vividh Bharati programs are being broadcast.

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