APRE Announces 2009 Engineering Award Recipients

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APRE Announces 2009 Engineering Award Recipients

Apr 18, 2009 10:00 PM

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Las Vegas - Apr 18, 2009 - The Association of Public Radio Engineers (APRE) has announced the recipients of the 2009 Engineering Achievement Awards. In a presentation at the annual PREC dinner, two engineers were honored: John Kean and Don Danko. The presentation was made by Roger Karwoski on behalf of the Awards Committee.

John Kean is the senior technologist at NPR Labs. Kean has been the technical brains behind the DRCIA project, which examined digital coverage for radio stations. This project advanced the art in predicting coverage and using the new methods to study the effects of possible increases in the digital signal levels. In his work with DRCIA, he invented and tested a measurement antenna where no standard existed and the designed and implemented tests to study different subcarrier levels. His work has helped advance the level of knowledge of radio propagation.

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Don Danko is vice president for engineering of Cincinnati Public Radio (WGUC, WVXU and WMUB). Under Danko's leadership, Cincinnati Public Radio has maintained a respected position in the technical community. WGUC was the first public radio station in Ohio to broadcast with HD Radio technology. The station partnered with NPR and Harris in the early rollout of digital transmitters. Danko is currently working with Harris to experiment with increased power levels for the digital sidebands. He has also been instrumental in testing and utilizing surround sound technology for recording and broadcasting a variety of concert performances.

Danko is regular contributor to Radio magazine. He has authored Field Reports as well as case studies on installing multicast and working in surround.

Last year's honorees were Chuck Leavens, director of engineering and information technology management at WDUQ Pittsburgh, and Marty Bloss, formerly the Public Radio Satellite System (PRSS.)

The members of the APRE Awards Committee for 2009 are Gordon Carter, WFMT, Chicago, IL - chairman; Roger Karwoski, KBIA, Columbia, MO; Rich Parker, Vermont Public Radio; Jobie Sprinkle, WFAE, Charlotte, NC; and Bruce Wahl, NPR, Washington, DC.

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