APTX Introduces Apt-X Lossless

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APTX Introduces Apt-X Lossless

Apr 24, 2009 12:38 PM

Las Vegas� - Apr 20, 2009 - APTX, the developer and licenser of the Apt-X family of codecs, has introduced Apt-X Lossless. Apt-X Lossless offers up to 96 kHz sampling rates and sample resolutions up to 24 bits.

Apt-X Lossless is a scalable and dynamically adaptive coding mechanism that features high-quality audio, low coding delay, low computational complexity, low run-time overhead and low device power consumption. Apt-X Lossless can also operate in a special hybrid mode to use near-lossless coding where average and/or peak compressed data rates must be capped at a constrained level. This involves the dynamic application of a form of near-lossless coding, but only for those short sections of audio where completely lossless coding cannot respect the bandwidth constraints. Even for those short periods while the near-lossless coding is active, high-definition audio quality is maintained, retaining audio frequencies up to 20kHz and a dynamic range of at least 120dB.

Coding latency is another scalable parameter within Apt-X Lossless and can be dynamically traded against other parameters such as levels of compression and computational complexity.� The latency of the Apt-X Lossless codec can be scaled to as low as 1ms for 48 kHz sampled audio, depending on the settings of other configurable parameters. Apt-X Lossless performs particularly well against other lossless codecs when the coding latency is constrained to be small, such as 5ms or less, making it particularly appropriate for delay-sensitive interactive audio applications.

Apt-X Lossless will be available in July 2009.

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