APTX Licenses AoIP to Microsoft Game Studios

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APTX Licenses AoIP to Microsoft Game Studios

Feb 5, 2010 12:36 PM

Belfast Northern Ireland - Feb 4, 2010 - APTX has completed the integration, test and commissioning of a wideband, full-duplex voice-over-network (VoN) system for Microsoft Game Studios. Engineered by APTX expressly for Microsoft Game Studios, the turnkey system combines Apt-x audio coding and special AoIP protocol software to enable high-quality voice telephony. The system provided to Microsoft Game Studios is especially optimized for massively multi-player online games from Microsoft Game Studios in Redmond, WA.

APTX confirms that the Apt-x codec and a new technology called Stream-x are two of the major elements of the system. The audio middleware code-named Stream-x, is provisionally described as a packet-based data transport fabric for the retro-integration of HD-VoIP/low-latency AoIP services in existing IP-based content distribution networks (CDN). Originally developed for wireless digital networks and transport of HDTV surround sound over AES pair, Apt-x is one of several audio coding engines developed by APTX that can be integrated into Stream-x.

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