Arbitron Moves Corporate Headquarters to Maryland

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Arbitron Moves Corporate Headquarters to Maryland

Mar 9, 2009 1:22 PM

Columbia, MD - Mar 9, 2009 - Arbitron has moved its headquarters from New York City to Columbia, MD. Michael Skarzynski, president and CEO wanted the company's research campus and company management executives to work in the same location.

The Arbitron headquarters office is located at the company's existing facility at 9705 Patuxent Woods Dr., Columbia, MD. The headquarters building is one of six facilities totaling 275,000 square feet that are located in Howard County. Since 1994, Columbia has been the heart of Arbitron's survey research, engineering and data collection/production operations. The company employs 1,084 full-time and 484 part-time employees worldwide. There 767 full-time employees and 269 part-time employees at the Columbia location.

The New York City location will remain open and continue to operate as a sales office. The other Arbitron offices and facilities are located in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Birmingham, Alabama and Kochi, India.

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