Arco Fake EAS Spot Runs Course

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Arco Fake EAS Spot Runs Course

Sep 15, 2010 6:00 PM

White Plains, NY - Sep 13, 2010 - On Sept. 8, 2010, the Radio Currents investigated a radio spot being run by Arco Gas in regions served by the oil company. The spot, created by Ogilvy-Mather, used an alert theme that included altered EAS data bursts. While the spot has caused more of a stir with those intimately involved with EAS than with the radio industry in general, Media Monitors, a broadcast monitoring and verification service, tracked the commercial's run in markets in California and Oregon, which continued for the week after the Society of Broadcast Engineers alerted its members and the industry about the spot and the possibility of it being decoded (but not relayed) by EAS decoders.

Arco Radio Markets for 8/30-9/13 2010Latest Appearance DateLatest Appearance Time# Spots Bakersfield9/10/20108:18:29 p.m.10 Los Angeles9/12/20105:00:46 p.m.305 Portland, OR9/12/20105:42:35 p.m.170 Riverside-San Bernardino9/12/20105:28:34 p.m.170 San Diego9/5/20105:33:53 p.m.154 Seattle9/12/20107:40:38 p.m.204 Spokane9/11/20109:18:00 p.m.16 TOTAL1029

Arco Oil Radio Ads Include False EAS Header

An effort was made to alter the fake header tone, but it is still tripping some EAS decoders....