Arizona Radio Station Fire Update

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Arizona Radio Station Fire Update

Jun 4, 2010 2:49 PM

Bullhead City, AZ - Jun 4, 2010 - After word of a fire that destroyed the studios of six Cameron Broadcasting stations in Bullhead City, AZ, was shared with the broadcast community, offers of assistance began arriving to help the distressed stations.

Sources report that the licensee's insurance company stepped in with 36 hours to write checks to get the stations back on the air. New equipment has been ordered and some has already arrived. Cameron has found and leased space in a new shopping mall in Bullhead City.

Some remote equipment was loaned to get two stations on the air. A former program director for one of the Cameron stations who now works in Southern California is making arrangements for his mobile studio to be moved to Bullhead City to get a third station on the air.

The cause of the fire has been narrowed to an electrical panel in one of the studios.

Arizona Radio Stations Need Assistance After Fire

Six stations owned by Cameron Broadcasting were affected....

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