Audemat Updates Relio

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Audemat Updates Relio

Aug 30, 2011 11:06 AM

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Miami - Aug 30 2011 - Audemat will unveil a new version of its remote facility control unit, the Relio, at the 2011 Radio Show in Chicago. The Relio version 3 features a faster and more powerful core operating system and new audio inputs and outputs. This means that a broadcaster can use the unit to monitor audio at the site, trigger alarms or other actions on silence and provide backup audio from the Relio itself.

The added features expand the capabilities of the Relio yet further, building in several additional failsafe measures to ensure the station stays on air.

Audemat's Relio can be configured to connect with any equipment at a site through traditional status and metering inputs and commands (relays), or via advanced connections to other equipment using serial protocols or SNMP via an IP network. All units linked to the Relio can then be monitored and controlled locally and remotely via a variety of communications modes both network (ADSL, LAN, GSM) and local/analog (local KVM, POTS line).

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