Audemat-Aztec Becomes Audemat

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Audemat-Aztec Becomes Audemat

Feb 13, 2008 2:24 PM

Bordeaux-Merignac, France - Feb 13, 2008 - Audemat has officially changed its name from Audemat-Aztec to Audemat. The company says the name change is to ease its communication. With the recent acquisitions, Audemat now owns two companies Ecreso (TV and FM transmitter manufacturer) and Nortek (TV monitoring and test and measurement equipment manufacturer).

"It seemed simpler to use Audemat instead of Audemat-Aztec now" states Bruno Rost, president of the Audemat Group. "It is like a return to old times when we were called Audemat, before the acquisition of Aztec." The new Audemat logo will slowly replace the old Audemat-Aztec logo over a period of one year. Audemat also has a new URL: