Audio Precision Releases 1MHz FFTs

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Audio Precision Releases 1MHz FFTs

Oct 9, 2009 7:50 AM

New York - Oct 9, 2009 - Audio Precision marked its 25th year in business by introducing a new ultra-high bandwidth analyzer option for the APx525 family of audio analyzers. The BW52 high-bandwidth option extends the APx's FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) capability to 1 megahertz, with 24-bit amplitude resolution and 2Hz frequency resolution. Other audio analyzers have a typical maximum FFT bandwidth of 250kHz or less. RF spectrum analyzers can have much wider bandwidth, but their low impedance, low resolution and low tolerance to high input levels often make them unsuitable for audio design.

Audio Precision introduced the System One 25 years ago. It was the first audio analyzer to use a PC as part of its design. The company is marking its silver anniversary at the 127th AES Convention.

The BW52 is supported by the APx520, 521, 525 and 526. The option will be available in January 2010.

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