Audioscience, Axia Partnership Produces Livewire Adapter

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Audioscience, Axia Partnership Produces Livewire Adapter

Apr 16, 2007 5:25 PM

Newcastle, DE - Apr 11, 2007 - Audioscience and Axia Audio announced a partnership in January of this year. Four months later, Audioscience will debut the results of that venture at NAB2007; the ASI6585 Axia Livewire PCI adapter.

The ASI6585 merges Axia''s Livewire with audio processing in one adapter. Using a Texas Instruments onboard floating-point DSP with Axia Livewire networked audio allows the ASI6585 to simultaneously play eight streams of audio that can be mixed to eight stereo outputs, and record eight audio streams fed from eight stereo inputs, over switched Ethernet. The feature set of the ASI6585 extends to MRX multi-rate mixing, MPEG Layer 2 and 3 encoding and decoding and TSX time scaling. Two streams are available for SSX multichannel record and playback.