Auralex Acoustics Creates Sonic Safe-Haven for B&H at NAB

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Auralex Acoustics Creates Sonic Safe-Haven for B&H at NAB

Apr 25, 2008 10:43 AM

Las Vegas - Auralex Acoustics acoustically treated a portion of B&H''s booth at the 2008 NAB Show for a broadcast/large-diaphragm condenser mic shootout.

B&H gave attendees the opportunity to try different mics in a sonic safe-haven, thanks to Auralex''s acoustical products, amidst the roar of the NAB floor. Attendees were able to listen to the mics via headphones throughout the show. Auralex provided its newest Eco-Friendly Studio Foam pyramids, its Pro Banners as well as its best-selling pArt Science Audio Tiles to the display.

Auralex''s Eco-Friendly Studio Foam brand products now include soy components, reducing petroleum-based chemical usage by up to 60 percent and lessening dependence on fossil fuels, including foreign crude oil. Auralex Pro Banners are designed to reduce reverberation and reflection in large, noisy areas such as gymnasiums, arenas, sanctuaries, restaurants, clubs and in this case at trade shows; are available in PVC, nylon or fabric finishes; are Class A Flame Retardant and are acoustically tested for performance in accordance with ASTM C423.